Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

Here’s an awesome video that I’ve found where Joanna Soh talks about 3 simple tips to lose weight fast without dieting.

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One of Dr. Oz’s Best Bits of Advice

I’m a fan of Dr. Oz, although I can’t always apply his advice on a personal level. Then, one day I read an article on his website about how effective a certain supplement can be for having a healthier, fitter form. As I read on, I learned so much about Garcinia Cambogia extract for advanced weight loss. Apparently, it’s gotten so much hype since Dr. Oz recommended it, so I decided to check it out myself. It can’t hurt to lose those last few pounds I’m still carrying from the previous holiday season.

dr ozThis is an interesting subject for me because I’ve known so many people who are overweight. They often find it hard to follow a diet plan – or at least stick it out long enough to actually see any results. They always seem enthusiastic about it for a few days, even a few weeks, but over time they all just give up and go back to their old eating habits. Instead of losing weight, they gain more lbs. instead. This is one of the best benefits about this supplement in my opinion.

The extract is a natural supplement, which means that when I take it, I will be able to eat and live as I normally would and still experience weight loss. Dr. Oz has always been one of the most trusted experts on health, so when he tells you something works, it’s just fair to believe him right away. I can’t blame those who are skeptical, though, after all it does sound too good to be true. Still, it’s been a while since he endorsed the supplement, and the demand for the product is still high as ever, probably more. So if you’re looking for a safe, quick way to shed those unwanted lbs., Garcinia Cambogia is the right way to go.


Miracle Weight Loss Supplement!?

A good friend of mine told me that she lost 10 pounds by taking a weight loss supplement in just 6 weeks…

I’m very skeptical of this magical pills that promise a lot with any effort!

She told me that the saffron extract benefits were more than just controlling her appetite and contributing to her amazing weight loss.

Let me analyze all the facts and try to find out this is another scam or if there’s some true behind it.

First of all my friend is not obese! She had a few extra fat on her tummy and legs… and that was it!

Then she did not only take the supplement. She also changed her diet and started going to the gym.

So, was the 10 pounds loss a consequence of the “amazing” supplement or the change in diet or the workouts in the gym.

I’ve read a few scientific studies and all point out to the same direction…

When you take saffron extract your system also produces serotonin, aka the “HAPPY HORMONE”! This substance tells the brain that you’re already satiated…

I heard that the inhabitants of Okinawa stop eating when they feel 80% full, because there’s a gap of time between feeling full and actually being full. This means that normally you feel full after you’re actually full!

tai chi

This hormone accelerates this process telling the brain that you can stop eating because you’re already satisfied of what you’ve eaten.

All studies indicate that the subjects actually lose some pounds.

But I think that the 10 pounds that my friend lost are a result of all 3 components mentioned: the supplement + diet + exercise.